I haven't been on her for a long time but I need to start tatking care of this page again.  My life has been really nuts this year and the insanity continues into November.  

I have my second grandchild coming any time, we are working on movng my daughter and her family into a new house back home and, of course, everything is all getting pushed into a very time   

Lately I have been making soap again.  This time I have been doing cold process for the first time and really loving it. I also discovered oven processing the CP soaps and try to do that as often as I can.  I used to make hot processed soaps, but they were never super smooth looking and always had a spongy texture no matter how long I cured them.  The oven processing gives me the best of both worlds.  What's even better, lately I have been putting my silicone molds inside cardboard boxes so after I pour the soap batther into the molds I just close the lid of the box and wrap it in a big, heavy bath towel so it goes into a full gel phase without any additional heat.  I am having a lot of fun, but I'm just running low on time and running out of curing space.  Especially since I have made some pure olive oil castile soaps that need to cure for many months.

But a friend sent me an article about shampoo bars made with coconut oil and at first i was like "no way-coconut oil soaps are way too drying".  Then I saw an article by a very experienced soaper who made soap with 100% coconut oil but used a REALLY high superfat on it, then I thought "Why not?"  So I made a 1 pound batch of coconut oil soap with a 20% superfat, added silk to the lye water (actually a LOT of silk) and added my favorite hair essential oil blend (rosemary, lavender, basil CT linalool).  I also tried doing this with a water discount, but will probably not do THAT again.  It set up really fast!  Like I had trouble getting it into the molds in time.  And I watched it gel with no additional heating, no wrapping, just setting out on the corner.  It was a major transition but now I am so in love with these shampoo bars I don't see myself ever going back to store bought shampoo and conditioner.