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Chickweed Soothing Ointment 2 Ounces

Chickweed Soothing Ointment 2 Ounces
I just made this oil from unsprayed, wild crafted chickweed growing on my parents' land. Infused from fresh is best with chickweed as the cooling properties are lost when the plant is dried. I infused the base oil in olive oil over low heat on and off for a week to insure the moisture evaporated off so the it will retain it's freshness for a year or so. Chickweed ointment is very cooling and soothing and can be used to relieve all kinds of skin irritations and is safe to use on children and pets

This plant is only available when the weather is cool and will go away when the summer heat kicks in so when this batch is sold out I won't have more available until late fall. I NEVER infuse this from dried material.

The oil is firmed up with beeswax which holds the medicated oil onto your skin and provides healing properties of its own. It will come to you packaged in a screw top tin container.