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Dandelion Flower Infused Herbal Oil



Dandelion Flower Infused Herbal Oil
This oil was infused with fresh dandelion flowers that I gathered at my parents' home. They just moved in and the previous owners just let the weeds run wild! They have several acres of land so there is no chance of contamination from neighboring properties.

Dandelion is a gentle pain reliever and I have seen many people apply it then after a few minutes they realize their pain is gone. It can also be added to massage oils for breast health. The oil was carefully infused in olive oil over low heat in a crock pot for a week and is a beautiful, bright yellow color with a sunny aroma. If you make your own ointments or oils try adding this oil to your formulas, especially for pain.

I do have about a quart of this made but once it sells out it will be gone until I can find enough dandelions to make a batch.