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Rosehip Seed CO2 Extract



Rosehip Seed CO2 Extract
Rosehip Seed CO2 is a carbon dioxide extraction from the seeds of rosehips. This has the same properties and consistency as the cold pressed oil in a more stable form. Rosehip seed oil has had lots of research and long term use has been shown to make skin firmer and to even out skin tone. It contains high amounts of essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, Lycopene, Beta-carotene and fair amounts of Vitamin E. It's also an antioxidant.

The CO2 can be used straight-it's fairly thick but does sink into the skin in a few minutes so long as you don't pile it on. I would recommend blending it with lighter carrier oils at around 10%, but you could go higher for weekly deep treatments. I like it blended with nutritious carrier oils like Hempseed oil with a touch of anti-aging essential oil blends for my mature skin ( I like carrot seed Frankincense, Helichrysum, Rose, Neroli). Results take time with this just like anything else you use on your skin so daily long term use is recommended.

It will come packaged in amber glass essential oil bottles with reducer tops. It is a little thick so you have to be patient waiting for the oil to drip out.