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Neem Seed CO2 Total Extract One Ounce

Neem Seed CO2 Total Extract One Ounce
Neem is somewhat of a cure-all in India and is used to treat all manor of skin ailments. This "oil" is a carbon dioxide extract so not a true essential oil. It is not a pleasant smelling oil! I will not refund because you find the aroma offensive! Here is the description from my supplier:

Neem Seed CO2 Total, India is far better than ordinary cold pressed Neem seed. More of the natural components of the biomass are extracted so the CO2, while more expensive, is a better representation of the plant. In terms of therapeutic properties, the CO2 is a better value. This is a CO2 extract so notice it is not on our carrier oil page where a less expensive cold pressed seed oil would be found. Neem Seed CO2 is not an attractive aroma. Though it has a natural smell it has some of the off notes associated with onion, garlic and cumin. These are naturally occurring sulfur containing compounds that actually contribute to the therapuetic benefit of the material. Some vendors sell clarified Neem Seed oil but it is unclear what impact the clarification process has on the healing properties.

It is wonderfully healing just not a pleasant scent. In fact, insects would starve to death than to feed on this plant so there are obvious insect repellant properties. Also CO2 extracts are whole plant extracts and can be used at a higher concentration than true essential oils. I like them because they can be blended into lighter carrier oils for better absorption on the skin. In India this is used for lice, ringworm, eczema, etc. Obviously if you have any sensitivity to sulphur compounds you should avoid this product.

It will come packaged in an amber or cobalt blue glass bottle with cone lined screw cap. I will also double bag it to prevent the odor from escaping into your package.