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Steam Distilled Lemon Essential Oil



Steam Distilled Lemon Essential Oil
This oil smells so bright and cheerful, you just have to smile. Unlike cold pressed Lemon essential oil, the steam distilled is NOT phototoxic so it's perfectly safe to use on the skin in leave on products when you'll be out in the sun.

Lemon is bright, uplifting and invigorating. In skin care it can help decongest the skin and is a mild diuretic that can help with water retention and brightens the complexion. Its also used as a modifier in natural perfumery to lift a dull blend. It blends beautifully with rose and other florals and citrus oils.

Lemon is also a great degreaser and deodorizer and is ideal in natural cleaners and kitchen soaps to get rid of cooking odors. Nice in a diffuser or room spray after cooking onions, garlic and the dreaded broccoli. All are delicious but leave unpleasant scents that linger for days.

I love Lemon in a blend with Basil and Rosemary for mental and physical stimulation. It's very nice to get you through the afternoon in place of caffeine.