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15 Ml Chrism Annointing Ointment

15 Ml Chrism Annointing Ointment
Chrism is the sacred anointing oil used in Baptisms and Confirmation in the Catholic Church. For those who have never experienced the fragrance you will be surprised at how Heavenly it smells, and those who are familiar with it will be happy to have some available for home use. The Monks who create the essential oil blend for the Church have offered it up for sale and it's too good to pass up for a Catholic in love with the aroma.

I like to use this balm as a holy "perfume" to remind myself that I am a child of God and deserving of His blessings. Sometimes that's all I need to turn around a bad day.

Everyone who has used this loves it!

Use with caution on children and the elderly and pregnant because some of the oils in this blend may be too harsh for the delicate. It is diluted down to a percentage that is safe for healthy adults in a base of olive oil and beeswax.