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Organic Rosewater Rosa Centifolia Hundred Petaled Rose



Organic Rosewater Rosa Centifolia Hundred Petaled Rose
This rosewater is sometimes available through US suppliers but it's costly and rare. I purchased this beautiful rosewater directly from the distiller in Europe. The flowers were organically cultivated and certified organic in the European Union. There are no preservatives or alcohol in this distillate.

This is one of my favorite roses, only available as an absolute, but I use this one extensively in my perfumes. I was beyond giddy to find the hydrosol! This is definitely rose but with a brighter aroma compared to the usual Damask rose yet with all the same skin loving properties!

I love aromatic waters and I believe our bodies respond very well to them since we are composed mostly of water. Rosewater has been the most versatile cosmetic for women for centuries for good reason, it smells lovely and lasts on the skin all day. It helps to cleanse and tone the skin, reducing redness, moisturizing and smoothing wrinkles. It's calming both physically and mentally and is a perfect body spray/pillow spray to help you relax at night. It makes a perfect aftershave (or after any hair removal) to help calm irritation.

I love rosewater to help remove makeup and it reaches deep down into pores to pull out impurities and I find I don't need to exfoliate my skin when I use rosewater soaked cotton balls to clean my skin. It's also cooling so I use it as a body spray for hot flashes or just to cool down in humid weather.

I am proud to offer many types of rose hydrosol-all distinctly rose yet all different!

Treat your hydrosol with care to make it last to the very last drop. It should be refrigerated if not used quickly and you should resist the urge to take the top off and smell it or touch it. It is quite stable but we don't want to introduce microbes that will cause spoilage. I package mine in PET clear plastic bottle with spray tops so you can watch it for bacterial growth and easily spray it on your skin, clothes or bedding.