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Calming Roll On with Essential Oils and St. John's Wort Herbal Oil



Calming Roll On with Essential Oils and St. John&#39;s Wort Herbal Oil
This may be the ultimate calming formula! I love combining infused oils with essential oils and this is the perfect way to fully utilize the healing powers of plants. If you like the Calming blend you'll be amazed when it's combined with St. John's oil. St. John's Wort is the most commonly used anti-depressant in the world and the infused oil is physically soothing to nerve tissues and is a personal favorite for muscle pain.

The essential oil blend contains uplifting Tangerine and a mouth watering Wild Orange, Ylang Ylang complete to promote feelings of love, grounding Patchouli and soothing Blue Tansy. This comes in a roll on bottle and is a very powerful 10% dilution so it is suitable to be used as a therapeutic perfume.

You can apply this oil to pulse points like a perfume or roll it onto specific areas for a spot treatment. I don't recommend this blend for toddlers and no essential oils should be used on babies under 6 months of age, even when they are diluted.