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Herbal Bitters for Digestive Health with Organic Herbs



Herbal Bitters for Digestive Health with Organic Herbs
My own formula of bitters made with 100% certified organic herbs! The Swedish bitters I sell are a traditional formula that has been used in Europe for centuries. They work great but are made up primarily of herbs with laxative properties. I wanted to make my own formula with herbs to support overall digestive health. You can add just a few drops to some water or herbal tea and sip as needed. You can also add them to a glass of wine or a cocktail, which is the way they have traditionally been used.

As an herbalist, I know that good health starts with a healthy liver and digestive system. Your liver is the main filter in your body so it needs to work at it's best, especially in this day and age when our bodies are bombarded with chemicals like never before. A healthy digestive tract is important also because this is where the nutrients from foods are absorbed. If we aren't processing and eliminating waste properly you can literally get build up of waste that not only interferes with absorption, but this waste can also be reabsorbed back into our bodies causing all kinds of problems. Here in the US we tend to avoid bitters herbs because they may taste unpleasant, but these herbs serve an important role in overall health. Bitter principles in herbs stimulate the flow of bile, which help our bodies to break down fats, and also stimulate the muscular contractions that keep our digestive tracts moving. This may also cut down heartburn as food will move through our systems rather than just lying in our stomachs. Another mistake we make in the US is to try to reduce stomach acids, which we need to break down our food. What we need to do instead is promote the movement of food through the digestive system.

The herbs I have used in this formula help to strengthen muscle tone in the digestive tract, stimulate the liver's natural functioning, reduce gas, and build strong blood.

Chamomile has a nice sweet taste and is often used in cases of IBS to help strengthen muscle tone and calm muscle spasms.

Ginger root is warming, soothes nausea, stimulates the flow of saliva and other digestive juices. It has a wonderful sweet, yet hot flavor and is a general tonic herb that is great for the whole body.

Burdock root contains bitter principles and is used as a detoxifier and blood builder. It's thought to clear many skin problems if used long term by stimulating the detoxifying action of the liver and stimulating digestion.

Star Anise is used to help dispel gas and acts as a natural antacid. it also adds a pleasant licorice like flavor to the blend.

Dandelion leaf and root have been used throughout human history because they are highly nutritious. They are natural diuretics but also are high in potassium so even though they increase urine production, they also prevent dehydration. They also stimulate the flow of bile and help to flush out excess fluids.

Yellow Dock is a bitter herb with mild laxative properties and it's also very high in iron. It acts on the liver and stimulates the digestive tract and helps to build strong blood because of the high iron content.

Gentian root is primarily used because of its bitterness but also stimulates blood flow and the immune system.

Angelica root has been a traditional treatment for general weakness and for building strength in those recovering from illness. It is also high in iron and other nutrients and stimulates digestion.

Fennel seeds also have a licorice like flavor and has antispasmodic properties. It stimulates the appetite, meaning it gets the digestive tract moving and has diuretic properties and helps the body to flush toxins through the urine.

The bitters come in amber glass bottles with dropper tops. You should start with a few drops to see how much works best for you, but you really don't need much. Try sipping some in water before, after or during meals and give it time to see how it affects you.