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Insomnia Aromatherapy Oil When You Just Cannot Sleep



Insomnia Aromatherapy Oil When You Just Cannot Sleep
This is hardcore for those who never seem to be able to sleep or for those of us who can fall asleep but not STAY asleep. My husband falls into the first category and I fall into the second and this oil helps both of us. This definitely promotes sleep! I combined some gentle oils that promote relaxation along with a lot of really powerful oils that just straight up put you out. For you men-some of these oils may affect your sex drive so this really should NOT be used on a daily basis. The dilution of essential oils is 10% and here's a breakdown so you know what they do:

Valerian root-a VERY strong sleep agent distilled from the root of the famous herb. Great for getting you to sleep but not the most pleasant smelling herb or essential oil. But it also has analgesic and antispasmodic properties so this can also help if pain is the cause of your insomnia.

Hops-distilled from the flowers. It has a very dry aroma and powerful sedative action. It is an estrogenic oil so for us gals it can actually balance hormones. For men it may cause you to lose interest in sex but will help you sleep.

Sweet Marjoram-another very potent oil to promote sleep but can be somewhat numbing both physically and emotionally. It is wonderful for grief and shock and is the oil I turn to first when I am dealing with the death of a loved one. This is also a nice oil to start with when trying to treat stress. It can help alleviate anxiety and put you in a better frame of mind to start dealing with the causes of stress before moving onto gentler oils. Also wonderful for pain.

Clary Sage-the strongest hypnotic in the realm of aromatherapy. It promotes sleep and dreaming so I like this one to help work through anxiety issues. It can make you feel a little drunk and should not be used in combination alcohol or prescription sleep aids and absolutely should not be used before driving or operating heavy machinery. It's another hormone balancer for women and can help with PMS, cramps and menopausal symptoms.

Lavender-I chose a high altitude Lavender from Italy.. Lavender is a great balancing oil is often used in sleep and anti-anxiety blends.

Roman Chamomile-this oil has a very high ester content and promotes relaxation. Plus it has a very bright apple-like aroma.

Clementine-cold pressed from the rinds of the fruit. A nice citrus aroma to help counter the aroma of the hops and valerian and is a mild sedative.

Wild Orange-orange is also a cold pressed citrus oil that is mildly sedative. This particular orange oil is the most vibrant I have ever smelled!

All this in a base of fractionated coconut oil. FCO is easily absorbed and has an indefinite shelf life.