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Omni Oil 2016 with Fresh and Organic Dried Herbs All Purpose Herbal Oil



Omni Oil 2016 with Fresh and Organic Dried Herbs All Purpose Herbal Oil
My fresh batch of Omni Oil for 2016! I make this all purpose oil every year with herbs gathered and freshly wilted from my garden and add organic dried herbs to complete the formula. Every year it's a little different but it's always wonderful. I slowly infuse the freshly wilted herbs to allow the oil to absorb the properties of the herbs and let the rest of the moisture from the herbs evaporate out. I then strain it and slowly infuse the dried herbs. This year I have chosen extra virgin olive oil to add to the healing properties of the final infusion. The essential oil content will be 2% and this oil can be used for bruising, sore muscles, strains and sprains, cuts, scrapes and fungal infections.

This oil is based on Jeanne Rose's Bruise Juice which was based on a recipe from the 1400's. Everyone who has used it has fallen in love with it and I usually make a large batch of ointment for my husband's grandsons to help with all the boo boos that boys seem prone too.

Fresh herbs from this year's batch include lemon balm, bee balm, 2 types of comfrey leaf, marshmallow leaf, rose hips, rose leaves, yarrow leaf, rosemary leaf and stem, roman chamomile leaf and flower, peppermint leaf, sage leaf, Echinacea leaf and flower, clary sage leaves, rose geranium leaves and rose petals.

Organic dried herbs include calendula flowers, lavender flowers, german chamomile flowers, juniper berries, cilantro leaf, red clover blossoms, hibiscus flowers, myrtle leaf, angelica root, burdock root, eucalyptus leaf, black walnut hulls, lemon peel, witch hazel leaf and bark, patchouli leaf, marshmallow root, licorice root and more roses.

The essential oil blend includes Myrrh CO2, Calendula CO2, Lavandin, Palmarosa, Rosalina, Marjoram, Naiouli, Blue Tansy and a steam distilled Frankincense carterii that has been comingled with resin.

The oil will be packaged in a HDPE plastic bottle with an orifice reducer insert. If you don't want the reducer please let me know in the notes to seller section.

Right now, this is a pre-order and the oil will be ready during the weekend of August 27th and will begin shipping the last week of August.