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Elderflower Water Wildcrafted from Kentucky Red Elder Trees



Elderflower Water Wildcrafted from Kentucky Red Elder Trees
Red Elder has the most fragrant flowers and here in Kentucky we are blessed to have them growing wild. I have been working hard to gather as many of these as I can while they're available and distill them right away in my little copper still.

Elder flowers are moisturizing and really make your skin soft. Herbalists of old said that washing your face with elderflower water is supposed to fade freckles and give you a milky complexion. This is a personal favorite and one of the main reasons I bought my still.

My hydrosols contain no added preservatives and should be refigerated if they aren't going to be used quickly. They can last a year or more if kept in the fridge and not exposed to any possible contaminates. It comes in a natural (HDPE) plastic mister bottle. Just spray straight onto a cotton ball and use like any other toner. They are amazing cleansers and moisturizers and are slightly acidic like your skin.

Distilled: June 2016
PH: 5.7