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Wintergreen Essential Oil Analgesic



Wintergreen Essential Oil Analgesic
Wintergreen oil is a common ingredient in pain relief ointments and balms, even in commercial preparations. It is cooling and mentholated and contains salicylates, which is natural aspirin. So anyone with aspirin allergies should NOT use wintergreen.

Wintergreen is physically and mentally refreshing and should be well diluted in a cream or carrier oil at around 3 percent to help reduce the risk of skin irritation.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! It smells like candy and it can cause serious injury if a child drinks it or gets it undiluted on their skin. Wintergreen should not be used by people on blood thinners or anyone who has aspirin sensitivities.

The 15 ml size comes in an amber glass euro dropper bottle and the 30 ml will come in a blue or amber glass bulk bottle with a cone lined screw cap.