Specis used:  Arnica montana; Arnica chamisonnis

Parts used:  Primarily the flowers but occassionally all aerial parts.

Properties:  Analgesic, Antiphlogistic, Anti-inflammatory

How Used:  Low dose medicinal used as an analgesic and to move blood.  Used in very minute quantites internally for pain and bruising.  Generally the flowers are infused in a fixed oil and applied topically to relieve pain and speed healing of bruises.  Never use on broken skin or it will cause irritation.

Topical use:  Creams and massage oils only need to contain 20% Arnica infusion to be effective.  It can be applied before strenuous activity to prevent pain or after to relieve pain.

Internal use:  No more than 5 drops of the fluid extract diluted in water 3-4 times daily or homeopathic preparations according to package instruction (generally 5 pellets dissolved under the tongue a few times per day).

Contraindications:  Avoid internal use in cases of heart disease and never apply to broken or inflamed skin.

Special note:  It has been my experience that Arnica combined wth Helichrysum will heal bruises in half the time and ease pain in joints and muscles very quickly.